The Downward Spiral … 1


Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up tired, maybe a little sore, a million things to do and cravings through the roof…?

That was me today and do you know what I did about it? I caved …. I ate rubbish food …

It’s funny I always start the day off great, I have my eggs and willpower then a little while later my apple, some nuts and a little more willpower then as it edges closer to midday I just HAVE to have something. Something with more flavour, something with that satisfying mouth watering mmmm moment …
Personally I like savoury things so I ate a box of bbq shapes… Yes the WHOLE box!
Of course after I felt like the rubbish I just ate, I was so full, dehydrated and still oh so tired.

Why am I telling you this?

Because we all do it from time to time and that’s ok, it doesn’t matter.
What matters is what we do after the deliciously disgusting binge fest…

So what do you do after you eat the whole chocolate bar/chips/pasta/wine whatever your poison is?

A couple of things you can try:

Cold water being poured into a glass.1. Rehydrate – water is your friend drink it like it’s your job.

2. Plan the next meal – when, where and what it’s going to be, when life is organised we tend to binge less.

3. Move – I like to go for a casual walk with the dogs somewhere away from noise and traffic, without technology being out in the fresh air boosts your mood and walking no matter the pace helps your body burn some of that food you consumed.

4. Don’t dwell – so you slipped up it’s ok! Your body doesn’t know what you are eating it only knows what nutrients you are into it, make your next meal choice a healthy one and your body will thank you for

5. Smile! We are so hard on ourselves these days, eat this, think that. You did something that now you may regret but at the time you really really wanted it and that’s fine. Find a way to turn it into a positive. Maybe it reminded you why you don’t eat that regularly or taught you to not eat so much of it or got you outside to walk it off. Great! Remember the positives, learn from them and next time you have those cravings try the walk first.

It may not work every time but the more we reflect on what we are doing and why the easier it is to stay on top of it.


The risk of caving into cravings is the downward spiral – the more rubbish food you eat the more rubbish you feel, the less energy you have the more rubbish you feel, then you want to eat more rubbish food because you start eating your emotions and that doesn’t end well for anyone…



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One thought on “The Downward Spiral …

  • Tracie Russell

    Thanks Rhonda. Just goes to show we are all human, even the Personal Trainers among us:) You are so right about the ‘downward spiral’ of caving into cravings. When you eat rubbish you feel rubbish and when you feel rubbish you crave sugar. Next time I am craving something bad I will think about your blog and go walking instead.